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Question 49


Describe in Detail


The conventions are not a peculiar feature of the British constitution alone but they do fall for American constitution too. Comment.


The conventions have played a magnificent role in the development of the constitution of USA. Some of these conventions are given below.

  • The fathers of the constitution provided for and indirect election of the president. But by convention, the election of the president has become more or less direct. The framers of the constitution wanted the electors to act independently while casting their votes in the favor of candidates they deemed suitable for the office of American Presidency. The electors in practice are pledged beforehand to vote for candidates nominated by their respective parties. Thus the election of the president has become virtually direct.
  • According to constitution, the speaker of the House of Representatives should be chosen by the house itself. In reality he is the nominee of the majority party.
  • The system of senatorial courtesy, according to which the senate accepts the recommendations made by the president for the appointment of the federal offices, is the result for the conventions.
  • Similarly, the rule that a candidate for the election to the House of Representatives should belong to the constituency which he seeks to represent is based on a convention.
  • According to the constitution, money bills must originate in the house of representative but Senate can traditionally consider revenue bills.

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