Pre-University (CIE) Comparative Government: Specimen Questions with Answers 46 - 46 of 53

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Question 46


Describe in Detail


What do you mean by lobbying? Explain grass root lobbying.


  • Lobbying is a word used to refer to the methods by which pressure groups make themselves felt in the Congress. The activity takes its name from the long established practice by which interested parties have congregated in the lobbies of legislative halls to find out what legislators were doing and planning to do and seek legislative favors.
  • The word “lobbying” has had connotation because it implies the exercise of undue influence upon legislators who ought to think and act for the general welfare rather than for the welfare of a particular pressure group. Lobbying is in process all the time, i.e.. , when the Congress is in session and much of the time when it is in recess. Subject matter and methods are infinite in their variety.
  • It is said that there are more than thousand “lobbyists” functioning permanently in Washington. There are many more active in state capitals. A recent development in lobbying technique is what is known as “grass roots lobbying” , i.e.. , influencing a Congressman by flooding him with letters, telegrams and telephonic calls from voters of his constituency and by whipping up campaign in local newspapers.
  • The business groups maintain powerful lobbies in the Congress and the state legislatures. Lobbying is carried on, not only by the outside groups but by groups, within the government itself.

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