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Question 3


Describe in Detail


Discuss the basic philosophy of Conservative party of UK.


  • The basic philosophy of the conservative party is that of Burke, Hume and Adam Smith. It supports the institution of kingship, church and property. It does not want to diminish the influence and prerogatives of the king. It lays emphasis on people՚s loyalty to their king. It has praises for the royal family. It wants all citizens to be the members of the church. It believes in the policy of laissez-faire.
  • The conservatives have been trying to perpetuate the British Empire and had very little sympathy with the aspirations of dependent nations. They firmly believe in imperialism. They uphold the interest of the peerage and favor education in church schools. They always favored retention of House of Lords. Throughout the 19th century they were bitter opponents of political rights and education of the lower middle class and working class.
  • They have been, in general, opposed to nationalization but now they have become reconciled to it and have allowed the perpetuation of the nationalization introduced by the labor party. The conservative party values the tradition and precedents. Its sense of nationality is strong and it has faith in the superiority of English to all other races. In social matters the party advocates some reforms.

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