Pre-University (CIE) Comparative Government: Specimen Questions with Answers 34 - 34 of 53

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Question 34


Describe in Detail


The American president is often described as “the greatest ruler of the world.” Explain.


  • The Constitution vests almost exclusive executive powers in the hands of one individual- the President of United States of America. His powers are so enormous, so vast and so overwhelming that he has been described as the “foremost ruler in the world” . The office of the American President has been organized on the basis of non-parliamentary or presidential type of Government. There are Presidents in parliamentary democracies too. But their authority is greatly limited. They are constitutional or nominal heads of their state.
  • The Indian President, for example, cannot go against the advice of the council of ministers which is responsible to the Parliament. In the USA, on the other hand, the President and his Cabinet are not answerable to the legislature. The President of the USA is supreme in executive sphere, making, of course, due allowance for some devices of internal checks and balances. The American President is not bound down by the advice of the Cabinet, which is at best his personal team of advisors.
  • It has been rightly characterized as the “President՚s Family” , and President is the head of the family, inevitably he dominates them. Ogg rightly describes him as the “greatest ruler of the world” . According to Henry, he exercises “the largest amount of authority ever wielded by any man in democracy” .

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