Pre-University (CIE) Comparative Government: Specimen Questions with Answers 33 - 33 of 53

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Question 33


Describe in Detail


‘The labor party was formed with the object of propagating socialism’ . Discuss.


  • As compared to conservative party the labour party is of recent origin, it was setup in 1906. The two main principle forces responsible for its origin are- trade unionism and socialism. In the early stages of the industrial revolution trade unions appeared in England and they steadily grew in numbers in the 19th century.
  • They begin to make their demands against the governing class. Soon, the labour saw that it must have its own party and should no longer look back to the candidates of other parties to fight its battles. Consequently, in 1893 an independent labour party was formed in Scotland with object not only of propagating socialism but of giving labour a political alliance, distinct from the existing parties.
  • In 1899, the Trade Union Congress projected a new organization which took form as the Labour Representation Committee with the avowed object of forming a labour group in parliament. In 1906, the committee dropped its title and assumed the name of labour party. Since then the party has grown rapidly and emerged in the general elections of 1922, as the second largest party in England.

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