Pre-University (CIE) Comparative Government: Specimen Questions with Answers 30 - 30 of 53

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Question 30


Describe in Detail


Compare American Committee System with British Committee System.


The American committee system differs from British committee system in vital respects. The points of difference are as follows:

  • In England the number of Committee is much smaller than in America the British Committees in England are distinguished only by a letter of alphabet A, B, C, D, while in America; the committees have been designated after the subject matter dealt then with.
  • The members of British Committee are appointed by the Committee of selection nominated by the party leader and confirmed by the House at the beginning of each session. In American congress the committees are constituted by agreement between the “Committees” of the parties and then formally elected by the chamber concerned.
  • In America, the Chairmanship goes to the senior most member of the majority party on the Committee but in England the Chairman is appointed by the Speaker from a Chairman՚s panel, consisting of not more than 10 members nominated by the selection Committee. Thus the standing Committees in America differ in their number, size, and mode of appointments and selection of the Chairman from those in England.
  • The Committees in England work under the leadership of the cabinet whereas in America due to the prevalence of theory of Separation of Powers, the representation of executive does not find a place in Committee.
  • In USA the Standing Committees are far more powerful than the Committees in England. The American Committees can kill the bill by not reporting them back to the House. On the other hand, the British Committees do not enjoy such wide powers. They must report back every bill send to them. They cannot “pigeon hole” any bill.

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