Pre-University (CIE) Comparative Government: Specimen Questions with Answers 26 - 26 of 53

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Question 26


Describe in Detail


Compare American president with British King.


  • The Queen of UK and President of USA are heads of their respective States. Both are the supreme commanders of defense forces and both perform ceremonial functions. Both receive foreign dignitaries and ambassadors accredited to their respective countries; both hold receptions and deliver formal speeches. Evidently this seems to be quite heavy schedule of both these functionaries. But similarities end here.
  • The two different political system have in fact made all the difference. In the parliamentary system, the head of the State is a mere constitutional ruler whereas in the presidential system the President is the head of the state and the Government as well. On the other hand in Britain, the Queen is a constitutional head of the State performing mostly ceremonial functions.
  • The American President being both the head of the state and that of national administration performs the ceremonial functions which, according to Professor Laski, constitute the decorative penumbra of office and also exercises real authority vested with the Head of the Government.

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