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Cases of marital breakdown, divorce and separation are increasing in family.

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Explain various factors that give rise to marital breakdown in post industrialized society.



Various Factors That Give Rise to Marital Breakdown in Post Industrialized Society

Marital breakdowns in post industrialized society are on rise and the various contributing factors are

  • It is easy to get divorced due to legislative reforms and enforcement of a uniform civil code in most of developed countries.
  • According to Nicky Hart in her “When Marriage Ends, 1976” , opportunities to escape marriage are more today. Divorce is no longer a social stigma.
  • According to Fletcher, over expectations in marital relations are leading to breakdowns. People expect and demand more from marriage and consequently are more likely to end a relationship which may have been acceptable in past.
  • According to William Goode in his ‘A Sociological Perspective on Marital Breakdown’ , 1971 nuclear families today carry heavier emotional burden and such social units become relatively fragile.
  • William Goode argues that as a result of relative isolation of the nuclear family from the wider kinship network family carries a heavier emotional burden and as a consequence, this unit is relatively fragile. In an industrial society, family performs fewer functions and as a result, there are few bonds to unite.
  • Life is becoming more and more secular, marriage is no longer sacrament. Marriage is more personal thing now.

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