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Cases of marital breakdown, divorce and separation are increasing in family.

Question 1 (1 of 5 Based on Passage)

Write in Short Short Answer▾

What is mean by the term arranged marriage?



The Term Arranged Marriage

  • It is a type of conjugal union where the couples (Bride and Groom) were selected by the family members.
  • It is the tradition in the Indian societies and will continue to exist.
  • In arranged marriage, the couples are almost strangers to each other.
  • In this the groom are mostly liked because of their families՚ status, his job irrespective of his personality.

Question 2 (2 of 5 Based on Passage)

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Describe two features and two aims of marriage.



Features and Two Aims of Marriage

  • As a system of rules marriage is an institution, the structure of the family is built by the help of mutual relationship of many individuals.
  • Due to marriage the couple fulfills their mutual obligation in the basis of their customs or rules which has been accepted by law. All societies have their own systems of marriage and their own customs.
  • Marriage is very specific relationship between two individuals of opposite sexes and it is based on mutual rights and obligations. These specific relations generate the family.
  • There are few certain symbols of marriage such as the ring, vermillion, special clothes, special signs in front of the house, mandap and so on.
  • In almost all societies marriage and religious activities are connected with each other.
  • In modern society, marriages are performed in courts also. Religious practices are also connected with marriage.
Aims of the Marriage
  • The Institution of marriage occupies a prominent place in the social institutions of the civilized world. Hindu marriage can be defined as the spiritual sacrament in which a man and a woman are bound in everlasting relationship for physical, social and spiritual purpose of Dharma, procreation and sexual pleasure.
  • Hindu marriage is not only a social contract but a spiritual sacrament.
  • It results in more or less permanent relationships between man and woman. It aims are not merely physical pleasure but spiritual advancement.
  • It is not merely an individual function but has social enjoyment of sexual pleasure. It enables display an integral approach to this social institution.
  • Where as in Muslim marriage or Nikah it is a social contract. Main purpose of the marriage in Islam is to ensure preservation and continuation of human race and too provide spiritual and legal foundation for the family. In Islam marriage is the spiritual requirement of two souls that are made in pairs.

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