IGCSE Physical Education Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 219 - 220 of 256


Tony and Larry are both starting to train for different types of activities. Tony is involved in an endurance activity whilst Larry do activities that require explosive strength.

Question 219 (3 of 8 Based on Passage)


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Their training develops different types of muscle fibers. Name two types of muscle fiber with their unique features.


1) Slow twitch oxidative: - These muscle fibers are used in aerobic activity.

2) Fast twitch glycolytic: - These muscle fibers are used in short term anaerobic activity.

Question 220 (4 of 8 Based on Passage)


Describe in Detail


Tony and Larry continue to train for a substantial period. Name 2 training effects for heart and 2 for respiratory system.


Two long term training effects of exercise on the heart are:

1) Arterial walls become more elastic which allows greater tolerance of changes in blood pressure.

2) The accumulation of lactic acid is much lower during high-levels activity, due to the circulatory system providing more Oxygen and removing waste products faster.

Two long term training effects on the respiratory system are:

1) This results in larger respiratory volumes, which allows more Oxygen to be diffused into the blood flow.

2) An increase in the number and diameter of capillaries surrounding the alveoli leads to an increase in the efficiency of gaseous exchange.

Both students are very enthusiastic about their training but tend to over train.

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