IGCSE Physical Education Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 144 - 145 of 256

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Question 144


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What are the social benefits of being a member of a sports club?


  • People make new friends through such clubs.
  • They create their own identity in front of other people.

Question 145


Describe in Detail


What does the multi-stage fitness test measure? How to do it?


This test measures the development of the athlete՚s maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) .

Required equipment:-

  • Non slippery and flat running surface, 20 metres in length
  • Marking cones
  • Recorded audio tape or CD
  • Tape or CD recorder
  • Recording sheets.
  • Assistant
  • Process:- A straight course is measured out using cones or rope, it should be 20 metres in length, and wide enough to allow the desired number of participants to take part. The test consists of a maximum of 23 levels and each level increases in speed by 0.5km/hr, with the test commencing at 8.5 km/hr. A single beep indicates the end of a shuttle and three beeps signifies the start of a new level. Each level lasts approximately 1 minute. The players must shuttle between the two end lines, ensuring one foot crosses over each line before the beep sounds. The participants continue in the test until they fail to reach three beeps in a row, in which case they are out. If a competitor reaches the end of the shuttle before the beep sounds, they must wait for it to beep before continuing. The stage of drop out in the level reached by each participant is then recorded for further analysis.

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