IGCSE Physical Education Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 11 - 12 of 256

Question number: 11

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

Describe one potential hazard that may occur in swimming pool, gym and field and explain what action you would take to reduce the risk.


1 swimming pool

Hazard: - Drowning is the main hazard in swimming pool.

Action taken to reduce risk: - Lifebuoy should be there near pool.

2 gymnasium/sports hall

Hazard: - Hygiene and safety are hazards possible there.

Action taken to reduce risk: - Hygiene should be maintained properly and first aid box should be available there.

3 playing field

Hazard: - If the play field is rough and not well maintained then many injuries may occur.

Action taken to reduce risk: - Proper maintenance of the play field should be done.

Question number: 12

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Fitness can be classified as Health Related or Skill Related.

(i) Describe one difference between these two types of fitness. Explain the difference with 1 component of each.


Health related fitness is a part of physical fitness that helps a person stay healthy.

Skill related fitness is a part of physical fitness that helps a person perform well in sports and activities that require certain skills.

Health Related Component: - Strength. It can be recognized in a performer if he is able to maintain good body posture, able to avoid injuries & remain independent of growing age.

Skill Related Component: - Agility. If a performer is able to change his direction and speed at which he is travelling quickly and efficiently than he is considered as an agile player.