IGCSE Mathematics Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 27 - 29 of 324

Question 27


Describe in Detail


(a) A balloon man has 30 balloons. In which 8 balloons are pink, 12 balloons are white and 10 balloons are blue. One balloon is selected randomly. So, find the probability of not getting pink balloon.


Here, There are total 30 balloons. 8 are pink, 12 are white and 10 are blue.

So, probability of pink balloons is:

Probability of white balloons is:

Probability of blue balloons is:

Now, probability of not getting pink balloon = probability of getting white and blue balloons:


Probability of not getting pink balloon =

Question 28

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Mention order of rotational symmetry.

Square Having Filled Parts


Here, The order of rotational symmetry is that an object has the number of times that it fits on to itself during a full rotation of 360 degrees.

  • So, here given image will rotate and can fit in itself at means two times.
  • So, order of symmetry of given image is 2.

Question 29

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

(a) Expand the bracket and simplify the expression

(b) Factorize .



(a) Expression is

(b) Factorization is the decomposition of an object into a product of other objects or factors which will give the original object after multiplication.


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