IGCSE Mathematics Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 251 - 252 of 324

Question 251

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

The diagram shows an accurate drawing of a triangular field.

1 centimeter represents 12 meters.

Florentina walks along a straight path A to the side BC.

The path is always the same distance from AB and AC.

The Accurate Drawing of a Triangular Field

Using a straight edge and comp asses only. Construct the line of the path. You must show your construction Areas clearly.


  • If you see the phase ‘a line the same distance’ from the two other lines, this means ‘find the angle bisector’ .
  • You must use a pencil, ruler and compass.
  • You will only get full marks if you leave on your construction lines and draw the line accurately.
  • Put the compass at A and do a sweep. Keeping the compass the same, move it to where the sweeps cross the two lines.
  • Do a sweep at each point.
  • Connect the intersection of the sweeps with the point A.

Question 252

Write in Short

Short Answer▾
The Distance and Time

The diagram shows the graph of Rachel՚s journey on a motorway. Starting at A, she drove 24 kilometers to B at a constant speed. Between B and C she had to drive sloowly through road works. At C she drove a further distance to D at her original speed.

At what speed did she drive through the road works?

Give your answer in


i. Kilometers/minute,




ii. Kilometers/hour.

Here find the

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