IGCSE Mathematics Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 174 - 176 of 324

Question 174


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Harshad changed ₹ 75,000 into euros with exchange rate was € 1= 79 ₹ How many euros did he receive?


Here, € 1= 79 ₹

  • Harshad changed ₹ 75,000 into euros.
  • Where, exchange rate was


  • So, he received

Question 175


Describe in Detail


Write 0.0006584

(a) In standard form,

(b) Correct to 1 significant figures,

(c) Correct to 3 decimal places


Here, number is 0.0006584

(a) For making standard form of 0.0006584 we need to shift the decimal point left to right four times which will give: .

(b) We need to correct 0.0006584 to 1 significant figures (all non-zero digits are called as significant figures) which can be: because here after digit 6 there is 5, so 6 will get round up and be 7.

(C) We need to correct 0.0006584 to 3 decimal places which can be: in which we have to consider three numbers after decimal point and the third number will be round up on the basis of fourth number.

Here, it means if fourth number is 5 or more than 5 then third number will be round up and be 7 from 6.

Question 176

Write in Short

Short Answer▾
The Sequence of Diagrams

Look at the sequence of diagrams above.

The number of dots in each diagram is given in the table below.

The Number of Dots

Find the number of dots in

Diagram 6,


For this sequence the diffrence between each diagram and next diagram is 3.

The Diffrence Seqquence

So, 3 must be added to obtain the 6th term in the seqquence. The next two terms are


So, giving 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28…. .

The number of dots in 6th diagram is 28.

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