IGCSE Mathematics Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 124 - 127 of 324

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Question 124

Write in Brief

One Liner▾

Write the following in order, with the highest at the first.



  • and
  • So, sequence from largest to smallest will be: .

Question 125

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

The points A and B are marked on the diagram.

Two Points Are on X-Y Axis

(a) Write as a column vector.

(b) . Write down the co-ordinates of C.


Here, as shown in figure,

(a) Here, Point A = (2,3) and point B = (3, -4)

So, for vector of , so as a column vector:

(b) Here, , so as a row vector we can write as (-5, -2) , let take co-ordinate of C = (x, y) and B (3, -4) is given.


So, C (x, y) = C (-2, -6)

Question 126


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

The circumference of a circle is 37.68 cm. Find out the radius of the circle.


Here, formula for circumference of a circle = where, r is radius of square, .

So, here,

Question 127

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

As shown in the diagram UV is parallel to YZ. XUY and XVZ are straight lines.

(a) Fill in the blanks with any of the following words: Congruent equilateral isosceles similar

Triangle XUV and triangle XYZ are________.

(b) Angle What is the size of angle VZY?

One Triangle Made in Another Triangle



(a) Here, Triangle XUV is similar to triangle XYZ because there all three angles are same in both as below:

Angle X is common in both so it is same, angle XUV and XYZ are corresponding angles and XVU and XZY are also corresponding angles, so these will be also same.

While both have no equal sides, so it can՚t be called as congruent triangles.

  • Two triangles are called as similar triangles:

o If all angles are same in both OR

o If all pairs of sides are in same proportion OR

o If two pairs of sides are in same proportion and one angle is also same in both.

  • Two triangles are called as congruent triangles when both have all equal sides and equal angles.
  • A triangle with two equal sides and the angles opposite the equal sides are also equal is called as Isosceles.

(b) Here, angle , angle VZY = ?

Now, VZ is straight line, so angle

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