IGCSE Mathematics Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 59 - 60 of 175

Question number: 59

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

Write down the equation of the straight line through which is parallel to .


Here, straight line through is parallel to , which has slope m = 4, by comparing to y = mx + c.

Line passing through point (0, -3)

Line Passing through Point (0, -3)

Showing the line which is passing through point (0, -3) and parallel to y = 4x + 1

So, the parallel lines always have same slope…… (I)

So, we can find equation for straight line passing through point by using:

, where, and m = 4… (from (I) ).


Question number: 60

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Kavya bought 24 books at a cost of . She sold 18 books at per book and 6 books at per book.

(a) Calculate the profit or loss she made.

(b) Calculate this profit or loss as a percentage of the original cost.


Here, Kavya bought 24 books at a cost of .

So, cost price CP =

Now, she sold 18 books at per book:

She sold 6 books at per book:

So, total selling prices SP =

(a) Here, selling price is less than cost price, so she made loss.

(b) Percentage of loss of the original cost :