IGCSE Mathematics Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 42 - 44 of 324

Question 42

Describe in Detail



Co-Ordinate Plane with a Line

(a) Mark the point with co-ordinates (2,5) and label it A.

(b) Find co-ordinates of the point B.

(c) Find the gradient of the line.



(a) Here, point is (x, y) = (2,5) which can place in diagram as below:

Co-Ordinate Plane Showing Required Point A

(b) Here, point B is in second quarter of coordinate plane which gives minus value of x and plus value of y means (-x, y) .

  • So, point B (-x, y) = B (-1,2) .

(c) Here, gradient of a line is also known as slope of the line.

  • For finding slop we need two point of line. So take A (2,5) and B (-1,2)
  • Now, formula for slope = .

Question 43

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Mike spends on grocery. This amount is of his allowance. Calculate his allowance.


Here, is of his allowance, so take allowance is x.


Question 44

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

The points P and Q are marked on the diagram.

Two Points P and Q Are on X-Y Axis

(a) Write as a column vector.

(b) . Write down the co-ordinates of R.


Here, as shown in figure,

(a) Here, Point P = (-4,3) and point Q = (-5, -4)

So, for vector of , so as a column vector:

(b) Here, , so as a row vector we can write as (4, -3) , let take co-ordinate of R = (x, y) and

P (-4,3) is given.


So, R (x, y) = R (0,0)

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