IGCSE Mathematics Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 39 - 41 of 324

Question 39


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Solve Write down the value of y.


Here, is given, so we can get only the value 1 when there is exponent 0 on any number.

So, here so

Question 40


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

In the right-angled triangle ABC, BC = 4 cm and angle . Calculate the length of AB and AC.

A right angled triangle has an angle and length of a side

A Right Angled Triangle Has an Angle and Length of a Side

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Here, triangle ABC is right angled triangle,

Angle and BC = 4 cm is given,



Question 41


Describe in Detail


The diagram shows two triangles of side 10 cm and height 9 cm and three congruent rectangles with two sides of 12 cm.

Two triangles and three congruent rectangles

Two Triangles and Three Congruent Rectangles

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(a) Calculate

(i) The area of one rectangular face,

(ii) The area of the whole shape.

(b) What is the shape known as? This shape is the net of a solid.



(a) (i) The area of rectangle: , where, w = width and l = length.

So, here, width w = 10 cm and length l = 12 cm

So, area of one rectangular face =

(ii) The area of whole shape =

So, area of triangle = where, h = height and b = base.

So, here, height h = 9 cm and base will be the width of rectangle base b = 10 cm

So, area of one triangular face =

Thus, area of whole shape =

(b) The shape is the net of a solid. So, it is called as Triangular Prism.

  • If there are equilateral triangles bases and square sides then the prism is called as Uniform Triangular Prism.

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