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Question 41

Appeared in Year: 2009



Which of the following statements describe advantages of Bulletin boards?


Choice (4)


Doesn՚t alert user to incoming messages.


Messages can be moderated.


Automatically creates an archive.


Both c. and b. are correct




The statements Automatically creates an archive. and Messages can be moderated. describe the advantages of bulletin boards. A bulletin board is a place where messages can be posted, read and replied to on virtually every subject you can think of. The messages are stored in order of the date they were posted and all of the previous replies are shown as a hierarchy of message titles. Bulletin boards have more or less been superseded by forums.

  • The main advantage of using a bulletin board is it can automatically create an archive.
  • Another advantage is the messages in bulletin boards can be moderated.
  • Anyone (registered) can make comments/answers - and these are visible to every (registered) user immediately (unless moderation is required first) .
  • Fast response to a question compared with a formal support process/helpline.
  • Another advantage is no need of an ISP to use bulletin boards.
  • Lack of privacy is the main disadvantage of bulletin boards.
  • Bulletin board system doesn՚t alert user to incoming messages.
  • In older systems only one person can be online at one time this is severe disadvantage of BBS

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