IGCSE Information & Communication Technology Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 30 - 30 of 46

Question 30

Appeared in Year: 2009



Which of the following statements describe advantages of Fax?


Choice (4)


Documents can be very long.


Can be used as a legal document.


Very slow transmission rates.


Both b. and a. are correct




The statements A and B describe the advantages of fax.

  • The main advantage of using fax is it can be used as a legal document and therefore no other documents are required to make it a legal document.
  • There is no size limit of documents in fax and therefore the documents can be very lengthy this is also an advantage of fax.
  • Another advantage is reliability all that is needed to successfully send a fax is a fax machine and a recipient fax number.
  • Fax ensures security, with email there is always a risk that accounts can be hacked and documents intercepted. There is less risk with a fax. Furthermore, there is no risk in receiving a fax, while receiving an email attachment there is potentially a risk of introducing viruses and harmful software to your computer.
  • One among the disadvantage of using fax is slow transmission rate. Email have faster transmission rate.
  • Another disadvantage is fax documents cannot be edited easily whereas emails can be downloaded and modified.
  • Some other advantages are:
    • Convenience
    • Familiarity and ease of use
  • Some other disadvantages are:
    • Not very good quality
    • Cannot send multimedia files
    • Won՚t be received if line is busy/receiving fax machine switched off/out of paper
    • Wastes/expense of ink/paper
    • Cannot be certain if correct person has received it

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