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Question 24


Describe in Detail


In India, the number of women pursuing careers in sports is considerable less, when compared to men. What do you think about the reasons? Write in your own about 100 - 150 words.


  • The low female participation in sports is evident from the fact that only five women from India have been able to bring home Olympic medals so far Karnam Malleswari, Mary Kom. Saina Nehwal, P. V. Sindhu & Sakshi Malik. There are several constraints applicable to both women and men in sports.
  • For example, the stipend paid to sportswomen (and men) is less. We should know that the stipend allotted for practice ranges from ₹ 8 to ₹ 80 per day which is too low. Similarly, the politics and favoritism in the selection procedure: lack of sports infrastructure, lack of funds and coaching related issues are common for both sportsmen and Sportswomen.
  • However, the issues peculiar to sportswomen include socio-psychological problems; absence of family support; poverty and economic reasons; security issues and Issues of sexual harassment; domestic reason such as those related to marriage, husband, children and in-laws, social taboos etc.

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