IGCSE English (First Language): Specimen Questions with Answers 179 - 179 of 179

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Question 179


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Build a dialogue of 8 - 10 exchanges between your friend and yourself, on the following situation: You were to board a train to Delhi Ry mistake you got into the wrong train and fought for your seat there. On realizing your mistake, you left the train shame faced, after creating a commotion there. Role-play this situation before the class.


Myself: Dear friend, please move and give me room

Passenger: Please help this gentleman, my friends.

Myself: Thank you very much. Now I can go to my berth

Passenger: What is your berth number sir?

Myself: It is DI conch berth number sir.

Passenger: (silent)

Myself: Oh, this is no 65. You please go to your berth sir. This is my berth

Passenger: Sorry sir! This is my berth.

Myself: No, it is mine. You see my reservation ticket.

Passenger: (Alarmed) Sir. your ticket on Delhi Express. This is Bangalore Express.

Myself: (shocked) Are you sure? I am very sorry sir.

Passenger: that՚s all right. Please get off and look for Delhi Express. Please, in future be careful sir

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