IGCSE English (First Language): Specimen Questions with Answers 173 - 174 of 179

Question 173


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

You forget to wish your best friend on his/her birthday. He gets very angry. How will you try to pacify him/her? Construct a dialogue of about 4 to 5 exchanges. (Marks 25)


Sheeba: Hi! Louise, how are you?

Louise: Fine. But I am angry with you.

Sheeba: Why Louise?

Louise: You՚ve forgotten my birthday party,

Sheeba: Oh! I am very sorry, Louise. I was in the hospital with my brother who was ill. I՚ve forgot to send you greetings.

Louise: I am sorry. Is your brother all right?

Sheeba: Yes, he is all right now.

Louise: Couldn՚t you make a call on that day?

Sheeba: Sorry, Louise. I left my phone at home.

Louise: it՚s okay, Sheeba. I can understand your position. No problem.

Sheeba: Thank you Louise. You are my true friend.

Question 174


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Narrative Writing (with notes)

Follow the given Instruction:

  • You should write a story using the given hints
  • You should give a suitable title to the story or article.
  • The story should have the beginning, middle and an ending.
  • You should include a suitable proverb or quotation at the end of the story or article.
  • You should write in past form of sentences while writing a story.
  • If it is a general topic, you can write in simple present form of sentences.

a. Stamp collecting - interesting hobby rare, precious stamps - foreign nations - obtain from- friends, relatives, neighbor՚s - needs patience - worthy hobby - makes one proud and satisfied conduct exhibitions - gain fame moral satisfaction - spending time usefully.


Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is an interesting hobby. We must collect rare and precious stamps from Inland and foreign nations. We can obtain them obtain from our friends, relatives, neighbor՚s. This hobby needs patience. It is a worthy hobby. It makes one proud and satisfied. We can conduct exhibitions and gain fame. This gives moral satisfaction to us. We can spend time usefully.

“Philately - A Good Hobby”

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