IGCSE English (First Language): Specimen Questions with Answers 142 - 143 of 179

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Question 142


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Build a conversation of eight to ten sets of exchange, with your grandmother discussing the incidents that happened in your school that day.


Grandma: Hay Vishnu. Where are you?

Vishnu: I am here grandma.

Grandma: You look so tired today.

Vishnu: Just now I have returned from school.

Grandma: Refresh yourself and have some snacks first.

Vishnu: Today, we planted trees in our school campus.

Grandma: Very good. That is the need of the hour.

Vishnu: I planted a neem tree there.

Grandma: The tree will tell your name in future.

Vishnu: Ok grandma, I have a lot of homework today.

Grandma: Can I help you in doing homework?

Vishnu: No need grandma, my friend will come now and he will help me.

Grandma: Good. Is he an outstanding student?

Vishnu: Yes, He is one of the toppers like me.

Grandma: Very good. Go and get ready.

Question 143


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Write a conversation between a father and a son on choice of a career.


Father: Robert, now you have completed your + 2, what do you want to become?

Robert: Daddy, I want to become a doctor.

Father: Oh, good. What are your reasons?

Robert: I have got great regard for teachers and doctors. Teachers shape our minds and doctors take care of our health. I want to serve in villages and help the poor uneducated people.

Father: Very good. I leave it to your choice.

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