IGCSE English (First Language): Specimen Questions with Answers 98 - 98 of 179

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Question 98


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Write a letter to the Councilor of your Ward, explaining why a park is necessary in your locality. (marks 20)


From 5th July 2018




The Councilor,

Ward No. 98,

Madurai Corporation,



Sub: Requisition for a park - Reg.

I, XXX, as a resident of ward 98, hereby write to you on behalf of the residents of ward no. 98. The intention of this letter is to request you to set up a park in our locality. Nowadays parks are everywhere and in almost all the localities. Parks have become indispensable necessities. Pollution and other threatening environment measures have contributed to the deterioration of human health. The old people of our ward have no place to sit comfortably and peacefully and the young children have no place to play happily. Besides, the construction of the park will be environmentally wholesome for the people of our locality. It will make the whole locality beautiful. The trees and plants will make the whole locality free from pollution.

Therefore, I request you to construct a park in our area. We shall be grateful to you if you kindly do the needful.

I thank you.

Yours truly,


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