IGCSE English (First Language): Specimen Questions with Answers 90 - 93 of 179


Shree lives in an apartment at Katpadi Junction. Her father is a taxi driver and her mother is working in a jewellery shop. The parents want that their daughter should learn computers. The computer is Shree՚s friend. She uses it to collect information for her school projects and to send emails.

Shree՚s aunt also lives with them. Everyone calls her Akka. Akka prepares tasty dishes for Shree. She spends a lot of time watching old movies on TV.

On her thirteenth birthday Shree joined Friends Net. She started chatting with her school friends. One day she got a friend request from a girl called Chaitra. Chaitra looked very pretty like a film star. Shree clicked ACCEPT. They became friends.

Shree and Chaitra began chatting online. Chaitra said that her was near Shree՚s school. But Shree could not see any other school near hers. It remained a puzzle for Shree.

Shree was so engrossed in chatting with Chaitra that she lost her appetite. She didn՚t do her homework. One day Chaitra asked Shree to send her selfie. Shree said that she did not have a camera phone. At once Chaitra said that she would give Shree her old camera phone.

Chaitra expressed her wish to meet Shree. She told Shree to come to the railway station when the Bengaluru train came there. She also said that Shree should come all alone.

Shree told Akka about Chaitra. On seeing the profile picture AKKA was surprised. She said that it was the photograph of a film actress by name Madhoo. The snap was taken when she was in school. Now she must be much older. She was shocked to hear this.

Section - II

Shree was confused to hear everything. The next day she went to the railway station along with Akka. They had a secret plan to find out whether Shree՚s friend was honest. Akka talked to the station manager. He promised to help them.

The train from Bengaluru pulled in. Saree was looking for Chaitra. But no one like Chaitra was seen there. She could not see Akka also.

At that time a man who was her father՚s age walked towards Shree. He was smiling. He called her “Hello Shree!”

Shree was shocked to see him. The man called himself uncle. He said that he wanted to make friends with young girls. Saree was bewildered to see the uncle-who-is-not-Chaitra. She shouted for help.

At once Akka came running to her along with the station manager.

Akka hit the man with her handbag. The train started moving. The man ran towards the moving train. The station manager ran after him but the man jumped into the moving train and disappeared.

Akka and Shree gave a complaint to the police. The Cyber Police took up the case. A cyber-crime officer went through Shree՚s computer.

Within hours they nabbed the imposter in his office at Bengaluru. Shree decided to chat only with her friends in her own school.

Question 90 (3 of 5 Based on Passage)


Write in Brief

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Why did Shree՚s parents buy her a computer? (Marks 2)


Shree՚s parents wanted her to learn computers. So, they bought her a computer.

Question 91 (4 of 5 Based on Passage)


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How did Shree make friends through computer? (Marks 2)


The computer has ‘Friends Net’ . It helped Shree to make friends.

Question 92 (5 of 5 Based on Passage)


Write in Brief

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How did the police find the man who pretended to be Chaitra? (Marks 2)


An expert from cyber-crime cell looked at Shree՚s computer. The cyber-crime officer went through it and found out the man who pretended to be Chaitra.

Question 93


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Write an email to your teacher about the interesting English model that you have prepared for the literary fest. (Marks 20)


To: … @gmail. com

CC: … @gmail. com

Subject: English model for the Literary Fest by Jenifer Dear Madam

Dear Madam,

I՚m Jenifer, a student from class 10. With regards to your announcement on literary Fest, I՚m really interested to take part in it. So, I put all my efforts in making a very interesting English model for the fest. I name it Grammar Flip Book. It includes almost 10 Grammar topics described in an elaborate & easy manner. I showed it to my parents and friends, they appreciated me. I can՚t wait to show it to you ma՚am.

Sincerely Yours,