IGCSE English (First Language): Specimen Questions with Answers 53 - 53 of 179

Question 53


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Ms. Pavithra Rao, the squash player who won the gold medal at the recent Asian Games, is holding a press conference. Let the discussion focus more on the strategies that helped her to win.


  • Ms. Pavithra Rao: Welcome to our press conference. Feel free to interact with me.
  • Media person 1: What would be the foremost strategy for your success in the Asian Games?
  • Ms. Pavithra Rao: Varying speed and direction of the serve is the most important strategy.
  • Media persona 2: So, what you are saying is that, varying speed and direction of the serve plays a vital role in winning the medal.
  • Ms. Pavithra Rao: Definitely. it՚s clear from the examples in the past. Successful squash players followed the strategies, to win.
  • Media person 3: Don՚t you think that varying the pace of the shots to reduce predictability is helpful while playing?
  • Ms. Pavithra Rao: I feel strongly that the presence of mind and skillful strategies are significant.
  • Media person 4: Have you considered any other tactics in the game?
  • Ms. Pavithra Rao: I don՚t think I՚d say that a particular skill alone is enough. So be focused, confident, & practice regularly to grab your success. Thank you.

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