IGCSE English (First Language): Specimen Questions with Answers 48 - 48 of 179

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Question 48


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Narrative Writing (with notes)

Follow the given Instruction:

  • You should write a story using the given hints
  • You should give a suitable title to the story or article.
  • The story should have the beginning, middle and an ending.
  • You should include a suitable proverb or quotation at the end of the story or article.
  • You should write in past form of sentences while writing a story.
  • If it is a general topic, you can write in simple present form of sentences.

An ant - falls into a river on the way finds a twig-hold on to it - water everywhere - calls for help- dove hears - picks twig and ant - put on dry land ant thanks - my duty replies dove - hunter sees- flying dove - aim an arrow about to shoot - art bites hunter - misses aim dove flies away - good friends help.


Dove and an Ant

Once an ant fell into a river. On its way it found a twig the ant holds on to it. But there was water everywhere. So, he called for help. A dove heard the sound. It saw the ant struggling for life picked twig with its claws and put the ant on dry land. The ant thanked the dove. The dove replied that it was its duty. They became friends. The other day, a hunter saw the dove flying in the sky. He aimed an arrow about to shoot the dove. As soon as the ant saw it, it hit the hunter to see the dove the hunter missed his aim. The dove escaped and flew away, Thus the ant saved the dove՚s life This is a good friend help.

“A friend in need a friend indeed”

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