IGCSE English (First Language): Specimen Questions with Answers 46 - 47 of 179

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Question 46


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

You are Raja. The street lights of your area do not work properly. As a responsible citizen, write a letter to the newspaper enlightening them about the problem and suggest ways to brighten the area.



Dhilip street,


23.5. 2020

The Editor

The Hindu

ABC road



Sub: Bad condition of the street lights

Through your daily, I like to bring to the notice of the authorities concerned the bad condition of the street lights in Vellore.

I am Raja. The street lights of my area do not work properly. After it gets dark, moving on the streets is risky. People suffer a lot. Chain snatching and accidents take place every now and then.

And, the other anti-social activities are increasing. I appeal to the concerned authorities in the municipal corporation to investigate the matter and make the street lights functional again.

I hope you will give space to my voice in your esteemed daily.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,


Question 47


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

GL Home Appliances has introduced a product to purify salt water. The CEO of the company has agreed to meet the press to launch their new product.


  • CEO: Welcome to our press conference. GL Home Appliances have introduced a product to purify salt water. GL Home Appliances have satisfied the customers so far. Hope it would satisfy now too.
  • Media person 1: No doubt. GL Home Appliances has reached out to the people of all kinds in cities. Have you considered the rural area and the affordability of the people?
  • CEO: Of course. Our new product to purify salt water is user-friendly and cost effective. I am sure people will love to use it.
  • Media person 2: But that՚s not the point. All may not be comfortable to use it unless you show a demo of the product.
  • CEO: Look at the facts and feedback՚s of the people who have already used it.
  • Definitely: it՚s clear that feedback՚s from the users are supportive to thrive on our business.
  • Media person 4: I doubt if there was any difference from other brands.
  • CEO: Strikingly differences range from design to capacity and cost of the product.
  • Media person 5: I get it. Your product goes well with the taste of the customers.
  • CEO: My own view is that the product fulfills the needs of people.
  • Media person 6: So, what you are saying is true and right.

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