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Labor intensive industry requires a large amount of labor to produce goods and services. In contrast to capital intensive which requires less amount of labor? Example 10 workers can produce 10,000 products per day.

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What is the role of government in improving the health of the labor-intensive industries?


The Role of Government in Improving the Health of the Labor-Intensive Industries is as Follows

  • The Government has invested a huge amount on infrastructural projects and if they are executed in a proper manner then it will create more jobs in the labor industries.
  • Exports which can also raise demand of consumer when they grow fast. Exports will improve the competitiveness of an economy.
  • Government is taking actions to remove the problems like building better ports and shortening the time of transportation and enhance regular power supply.
  • Training the unskilled labors in skills is also very important to upgrade the productivity of workers. This will make exports more cost effective in the international markets.
  • Investment and gross fixed capital formation are also some factors that will improve the health of labor industries.

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