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Labor intensive industry requires a large amount of labor to produce goods and services. In contrast to capital intensive which requires less amount of labor? Example 10 workers can produce 10, 000 products per day.

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What is the impact of GST on labor intensive industries?


The Impact of GST on Labor-Intensive Industries is as Follows

  • Post implementation of GST the growth of labor-intensive industry was declining. It was because of the tedious paperwork and strict compliance.
  • Labor-intensive sectors were not able to cope with the adverse of GST, which came close to demonetization in India.

  • The increased cost resulted in an increase in the working capital needs of exporters.

  • Supply chains were majorly affected and the industrial production was seriously hampered.

  • Due to large share of the unorganized labor-intensive sectors had to bear the effects of GST.

  • Imports increased drastically in these industries. Historically, exports/imports of these sectors have moved in tandem.

  • It has an impact on their revenue growth.

  • It will also have an impact on employment.

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