IGCSE Economics Paper-2: Specimen Questions with Answers 40 - 40 of 100


“Economic and social conditions are giving profession choosing criteria and should be in accordance with labor market providing and the youngers expectations and needs. Job stability, salary, company reputation, prospects for promotion or opportunity to practice as many jobs are currently most common criteria”

Question 40 (4 of 5 Based on Passage)


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What are the factors affecting choice of occupation?


The choice of occupation depends upon several factors such as individual’s choice of job, their career, and what job is offering to them.

An individual choice of job is influenced by two factors which Wage factor and non-wage factor:

  • Wages: People are more likely to choose a higher paying job over low paying and this is what makes the occupation desirable.
  • Non-wage factors: Sometimes, people get also influenced by other factors too which are not money oriented such as:

    • Qualifications and skills required: Students and job seeker may also choose a job based on skills and qualification required. For example, a professor job is highly paid but it requires master’s degree and even PhD qualification. Therefore, this only eliminates many people from becoming a professor and if people don’t have these qualification and skills then they may choose another job.

    • Cultural expectations: Sometimes few jobs may be based on social and cultural factors. For example, a nurse in a hospital is mostly a woman; therefore, it eliminates men from this occupation.

    • Non-wage satisfaction from a job: Many people choose job only if they get sufficient wage. For example, a job like becoming a nurse may be low paid, but it can bring satisfaction to them who want to pursue this as a career.

Wage and Non-Wage Factors

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