IGCSE Development Studies: Specimen Questions with Answers 98 - 98 of 98

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Sustainable Development Matrix

Question 98 (6 of 6 Based on Passage)


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Explain the causes of wild forest fire.


Forest is an entire ecosystem which consist of the biotic and the abiotic factors like, animals, insects, birds, plants, tress, and insects. The abiotic factors include water, rocks, and climate. A forest fire is uncontrolled in nature. Sometimes the fire is so large that it takes a long time to recover from such huge fire to control the situation again. Wildfires can result in massive destruction. If a wildfire is cause in such ecosystem it will be a huge loss for all forms of life.

Causes of wildfire are:

  • Lightening is a cause for wildfire. Lightning has two components stroke and leader. Fires start with unusual long-lasting hot bolts of lightning and last for a longer period.
  • 85 % of the lightning is caused by humans. Human caused fires are due to unattended campfires, debris burning, negligently discarded cigarettes etc.
  • Controlled burning for clearing vegetation that becomes out of control.
  • Dropping litter- sunlight shining through glass bottles can cause fire too.

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