IGCSE Development Studies: Specimen Questions with Answers 97 - 97 of 98

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Sustainable Development Matrix

Question 97 (5 of 6 Based on Passage)


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

State the rules for making forest sustainable


We cannot survive on this planet without forests. Forest absorbs carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and produce the oxygen for us. Forest helps to regulate the global climate by storing carbon dioxide and absorbs 40 % of the emissions of fossil fuel produced by humans. Sustainable forestry balances the environment and the wildlife and the communities of the forest. Various steps can be taken by the business and the society for the sustainable development of the forest and nature.

  • By establishing protected areas and conserving biodiversity. Through protected areas the forest mangers minimize the erosion, avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals, protect waterways, maintains genetic diversity, proper disposal of waste etc.
  • Prevent the forest conversion for commercial purpose and protect high conservation value forest that contain significant biodiversity.
  • Forest activities must be put clearly into plan that how many trees can be harvested per acre and the frequency with such activity can take place again keeping in mind the growth and regeneration of species.

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