IGCSE Computer Science Paper-2: Specimen Questions with Answers 2 - 3 of 12

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Question 2


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

How do automatic or robotic parking systems work?


Automatic parking systems operate when a driver drives the car into an APS entry (transfer) area. Thereafter the driver retrieves a car by inserting a ticket or code into an automated terminal. At last the APS lifts the car from its parking space and delivers it to an exit area.

Important Steps:

  • Driving up to the automated parking garage and then driving into the terminal parking bay.
  • Collecting the parking tag from the kiosk.
  • The car is then picked up by the computerized machinery and lifted to a suitable “shell” .
  • The car is turned around with the front facing outwards before being placed into a slot.
  • For retrieval of the car the parking card needs to be placed into the kiosk.
  • The system will identify the car parking place and will bring it back down.

Question 3


Describe in Detail


What are some of the commonly used hardware components to connect computers to the wireless LAN?


There are several hardware components that can be sued to connect computers to the wireless LAN:

Wireless Network Adapters: These are also known as wireless NICs or wireless network cards. These are widely used in laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones incorporate wireless capability as a built-in feature of their systems.

The Wireless Network Adapters

Wireless Routers and Access Points: A wireless router is required while building an all-wireless network at home or office. For example the current standard for wireless routers is 802.11ac which delivers smooth video streaming and responsive online gaming. Access Points helps in joining an existing wired network through wireless networks. At home a single access point or router is sufficient whereas in offices or business places multiple access points and/or routers are required.

The Wireless Routers and Access Points

Wireless Antennas: These Wireless Antennas can be sued by access pints and routers to significantly increase the communication range of the wireless radio signal. For typical wireless home networks add-ons are usually not required. These antennas are optional and removable on some older equipment.

The Wireless Antennas

Wireless Repeaters: These repeaters are used to extend the reach of the network. A repeater serves as a two-way relay station for wireless radio signals and equipment that are unable to receive a network՚s wireless signal to join. The wireless Repeaters can be used in large homes when one or more rooms do not receive a strong Wi-Fi signal which is usually because of their distance from the wireless router.

The Wireless Repeaters

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