IGCSE Computer Science Paper-2: Specimen Questions with Answers 1 - 1 of 12

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Question 1

Write in Short Short Answer▾

State some of the common issues faced by the Vending machine and how to fix those issues?



A Vending machine is used to dispense small articles such as food, drinks, or cigarettes when a coin or token is inserted. They are generally used to disperse beverages and snack items. Recently developed vending machines can disperse other items, even including electronic items such as digital cameras or iPods.

Issues Faced

  • Ventilation and Jamming issues: Vending machines should be kept 5 - 6 inches away from the wall. The thermostat temperature (35 - 40 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended) should be appropriate. The jamming problem is due to the temperature.
  • Coins coming back: The machine will return the coins if there are no items to vend. Also if there are items still the coins are being returned one needs to clear the jam. Also the working of wheels needs to be checked.
  • Unable to take bills: This issue arises mainly due to two reasons either sufficient change is not available in the machine or dollar validators are dysfunctional.
  • Machine heating up: If this issue arises one should check if vending machine is placed too close to the wall or not. It also needs to be checked whether the cooling fan is working fine and cooling the machine properly.

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