IGCSE Computer Science Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 16 - 17 of 164

Question number: 16


Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

Explain Parser and Parsing in Computer Programming.


Image of The Parser and Parsing

Image of the Parser and Parsing

A Parser acts as the Compiler which breaks data into smaller elements. Input is taken in the form of sequence of tokens and the corresponding is produced in the form of parse tree.

Parsing is defined as the method that is taking input from a string and returning some other data type. In Parsing a string of symbols is analyzed either in in natural language, computer languages or data structures. Top Down Parsing and Bottom Down Parsing are the two types of Parsing. In case of Top Down approach, Parsing occurs from the starting symbol to the input string whereas in case of Bottom Up approach parsing occurs from the input string to the starting symbol.

Question number: 17


Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

List some important applications and benefits of Cloud Computing.


Image of The Cloud Computing

Image of the Cloud Computing

Cloud computer can be defined as the use of hardware and software to provide services over the internet.

Some of the applications and benefits are:

i) Cloud computing allows users to access the files from any device capable of accessing internet.

ii) For Example Gmail is one the best examples of Cloud Computing where users can send and receive files over the internet.

iii) The use of Cloud Computing greatly helps in reducing the management and the maintenance cost of the IT systems.

iii) With the use of Cloud Computing, Employees can develop flexibility towards their work practices. In case somebody is off-site he/she can using virtual office assistant easily and quickly.

iv) The Computer system gets regularly updated based on the Cloud Computing Service Provider.

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