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Question 120


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Explain the various layer of TCP/IP model using a suitable diagram.


The TCP/IP Model is the concised version of the OSI model. The main layers of TCP/IP Model are:

The TCP & IP
  • Application Layer: It is the topmost layer of the TCP/IP Model. This layer defines how data should be sent physically through the network. Some of the protocols used by this network are Ethernet, token ring, FDDI, X. 25, frame relay.
  • Transport Layer: This layer is responsible for the reliability, flow control, and correction of data beings sent over the network. User Data-gram protocol and Transmission control protocol are the two protocols used in the transport layer. UDP is responsible for providing connection-less service and end-to-end delivery of transmission. The TCP is responsible for providing a full transport layer services to applications. It also detects the error and re-transmits the damaged frames.
  • Internet Layer: The main task is to send the packets from any network, and they arrive at the destination irrespective of the route they take.
  • Network interface Layer: The Network Interface layer is responsible for adding or removing any link layer protocol header which is required to deliver a message to the destination.

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