IGCSE Computer Science Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 100 - 101 of 164

Question 100


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

List some Software Project Management Tools.


Software project management can be defined as a process of managing all activities like time, cost and quality management involved in software development.

Some of the tools are:

i) Gantt Chart

ii) PERT Chart

iii) Resource Histogram

iv) Critical Path Analysis

v) Status Reports

Question 101


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What are Transactions and Views in Oracle?


When multiple statements execute in one go, the corresponding execution and monitoring is being controlled by TCL which is known as transaction control statement

i) Commit is used for making changes or transaction permanent.

ii) Rollback is used to roll back the state of Database to the last state.

iii) Save Point which helps to specify the transaction point to which the rollback can be done later.

A View is referred to as the user-defined object in Oracle database. This can be used to retrieve the records from the different tables for the specific columns which are required to populate or selected based on the certain conditions.

i) A View stores the data virtually.

ii) It can be referred to as a logical table.

iii) Views cannot be updated or deleted.

iv) In Views manipulation of data is not possible.

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