IGCSE Computer Science Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 82 - 82 of 164

Question 82


Write in Short

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What are some of the sensors that can be used in vehicles to avoid collision?

The figure show two vehicles

The Figure Show Two Vehicles

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There are several common and promising systems that can be used on vehicles to avoid collision:

i) Forward collision avoidance system: This includes sensors like cameras, RADAR or LIDAR to alert the driver when the vehicle is getting close to another vehicle in front of it. This system is provided with autonomous braking which reduces the speed of the vehicle thereby mitigating the effect of collision.

ii) Adaptive Headlights: These headlights alert drivers to visualize the vehicle movement on dark and curved roads. The headlight illuminates the road ahead based on the vehicle’s speed and steering wheel movement.

iii) Lane departure warning and prevention system: In this system cameras are installed to track the position of the vehicle within the lane alerting the driver about any such danger being faced.

iv) Curve speed warning system: This system uses a global positioning system or a digital map. This alerts the driver in case the vehicle is approaching any curve at an over speed.

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