IGCSE Computer Science Paper-1: Specimen Questions with Answers 53 - 54 of 164

Question number: 53


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Write in Short

What is the use of Trivial File Transfer Protocol using a diagram.


TFTP or Trivial File Transfer Protocol is used for transporting data from one end to another using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). It is mostly used for read and write files/mail to or from a remote server. In other words we can say that TFTP is used for transferring files.

Image of The Trivial File Transfer Protocol

Image of the Trivial File Transfer Protocol

Question number: 54


Appeared in Year: 2013

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Describe in Detail

What are the different types of loop structure used in a typical programming language?


  • A loop in programming is the combination of two parts, a body of a loop and a control statement.

  • A loop is mainly classified into two types Entry Controlled Loop and Exit Controlled Loop.

  • Entry controlled loop: A condition is checked before executing the body of a loop and is also called as a pre-checking loop.

  • Exit controlled loop: A condition is checked after executing the body of a loop and is also called as a post-checking loop.

Three types of loop constructs are provided by ‘C’ Programming language:

The while loop: In while loop, a condition is evaluated before processing a body of the loop. The body of a loop is executed if and only if the condition is true.

Format of while Loop

While (condition) {



Do-While loop: Here the condition is always executed after the body of the loop and therefore it is also known as an exit-controlled loop. Here the body of the loop can be executed even if the condition is false.

Format of Do-While Loop

do {


} while (expression);

For loop: In this loop the initial value is performed only once. The condition is a Boolean expression. The loop stops when false is returned.





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