IGCSE Chemistry: Specimen Questions with Answers 1 - 3 of 240

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Question 1

Question MCQ▾

For which substance is the type of bonding not correct?


Choice (4)


Table of the Type of Bonding: Choice A


Table of the Type of Bonding: Choice B


Table of the Type of Bonding: Choice C


Table of the Type of Bonding: Choice D




  • Correct Option is D because Sodium Chloride, NaCl. The classic case of ionic bonding, the sodium chloride molecule forms by the ionization of sodium and chlorine atoms and the attraction of the resulting ions. An atom of sodium has one electron outside a closed shell so it forms ionic bond not covalent bond.
  • As bonding is explained by the below figure and the sodium is transferring one electron to chlorine.
The Sodium Chloride

Question 2

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When malonic acid is heated there are two products, carbon dioxide and a simpler carboxylic acid. Deduce the name and molecular formula of this acid.

[2 Marks]



This acid melts at 132° C. , and at a higher temperature it rapidly decomposes into acetic acid and carbon dioxide and formula of this acid is CH3COOH and name is acetic acid.

Question 3

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Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons containing between 5 and 10 carbon atoms. Four of these hydrocarbons are shown below

Which one of these structures, A, B, C or D, has the highest relative molecular mass?

Give one use of gasoline.



It is a highly volatile hydrocarbon derived from crude oil. In its natural state gasoline is a liquid with a strong solvent smell. Typically it is used to fuel internal combustion engines for cars, motorbikes, trucks, boats and other transport vehicles.