IGCSE Biology Paper-5: Specimen Questions with Answers 19 - 21 of 62

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Question 19

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

In given figure there are one banana plant and a Bryophyllum leaf. Write the similarity between both plants related to their method of reproduction process.

Figure Shows Two Plants Bryophyllum and Banana Tree


  • There is no need of male and female cells in both type of plants
  • Asexual reproduction process occur
  • Both can reproduce from parts of plant
  • Both plants can reproduce by vegetative propagation
  • There is no need of pollination or fertilization process

Question 20

Describe in Detail


Figure shows a cross section of a squash stem showing different parts . Label them. What is role of part A and C?

Figure Shows a Cross Section of a Squash Stem


Here Shows a Cross Section of a Squash Stem

Part A, is phloem, which transports organic compounds from the site of photosynthesis to other parts of the plant. Part C is Xylem tissue transports water and nutrients from the roots to different parts of the plant.

Question 21

Describe in Detail


Using the data in given draw a line graph to show the effect of pH on the time taken for the digestion of protein on the photographic film. Explain the effect of pH on the activity of the enzymes.

Image Shows Effect of pH on the Time Taken for the Digestion of Protein
pHtime taken for protein to be digested/mins
Showing a Given Graph


Here is the graph:

Enzyme Mainly Affected when pH Goes Change
Shows the Relation between Reaction Velocity at Various pHlevel

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