IGCSE Biology Paper-5: Specimen Questions with Answers 15 - 18 of 62

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Question 15

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Figure shows a leaf. Identify whether it is monocot or dicot?

Figure Shows a Leaf – Dicot or Monocot?


Figure shows a mint leaf, which is a Dicot leaf.

In monocot plants, leaves have parallel venation while in dicot leaves have netted venation.

Question 16

Describe in Detail


Figure shows two leaves. Based on the picture, state two visible differences between the leaves

Figure Shows to Different Leaves


  1. Leaf a has smooth edge and leaf B has toothed edge
  2. A leaf is look like heart shaped but leaf B is lance shaped

Question 17

Describe in Detail


There are four animals are shown below. Identify which one is not an insect? Write two characteristics of insects.

Image Shows Different Kind of Animals


Animal c is not an insect

Characteristics of insects are:

  • All insects have an exoskeleton
  • They have three main body parts: thorax, abdomen and head
  • Insect have pair of antennae on the top of their heads

Question 18

Describe in Detail


Figure shows section of flower and some parts of flower. Label it

5 Figure Shows Section of Flower


Here is the labelled diagram for flower

Figure Shows Section of Flower and Some Parts of Flower

Part A- Stamens

Part B- Pistil

Part C- Anther

Part D-Filaments

Part E-Stigma

Part F- Style

Part G-Ovary

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