IGCSE Biology Paper-5: Specimen Questions with Answers 47 - 49 of 62

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Question 47

Describe in Detail


Figure shows lilies, which are aquatic plants.

Figure Shows Lily Plant

Suggest and explain an adaptation of lilies to its water habitat.


  • Weak stems are an adaptation, which allow water lilies to focus their energy and resources on expanding their leaf network, rather than continually strengthening a stem.
  • Stomata՚s are the pore-like openings on the surfaces of leaves which allow the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • The leaves of water lilies lay flat in the water, rather than curling or crimping like the leaves of some other species. This maximizes their exposure to sunlight, and increases their efficiency in photosynthesis process.


To know the effect of light on photosynthesis rate set the things like that given in diagram. When you do such experiment, you will notice that some bubbles are collected at the top of the test tube

Question 48 (1 of 2 Based on Passage)

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Name the gas that is collected at the top of the test tube?

A Set up is Used to Know the Effect of Light


Oxygen gas is produced at the top of the test tube

Question 49 (2 of 2 Based on Passage)


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What is the relationship between intensity of light and the quantity of gas collect on the test tube?


If there is high intensity of light the greater amount of oxygen gas will collect at the test tube.

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