IGCSE Biology Paper-5: Specimen Questions with Answers 39 - 41 of 62

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Question 39

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Figure shows T. S of typical flower. Label its different parts.

Figure Shows T. S of Typical Flower


Detailed labelling given below:

Shows Given Flower

A typical flower consist of mainly four type of parts

  • Calyx-It consisting sepals
  • Corolla-Consisting of petals
  • Androecium-Consisting of stamens
  • Gynoecium or pistil -consisting of carpels

Question 40

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

There is an animal, which have a hard body covering.

Is this animal is an insect? Write some visible characteristics related to such animal

Image Shows Housefly


Yes, it is an insect and its visible characteristics are-

  • It has three body parts which are thorax, abdomen and head
  • It has six legs
  • Feelers
  • Protected with hard cover

Question 41

Describe in Detail


Find the relationship between the distance of light source and the no. of bubbles generate by the aquatic plant during the process of photosynthesis. Explain it with the help of graph.

Shows the Relation in Distance of Light Source from Plant


The number of bubbles increase as the distance of the light source from the aquatic plant decreases and the graph will be

Graph Shows the Relation in Distance

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