IGCSE Biology Paper-4: Specimen Questions with Answers 115 - 115 of 279

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Question 115


Describe in Detail


What are the threats or causes of loss of biodiversity?


The major threats of biodiversity is related to –

  • Habitat loss-It occur due to many processes including development, clearing land for agriculture, water diversion and logging.
  • Fragmentation- As more habitat is lost, the remaining fragments shrink and become more isolated from each other. This can keep animals from moving among fragments, which can increase inbreeding which results in decreased genetic diversity.
  • Habitat degradation-It involves disturbing key habitat features, such as extensive erosion or adding toxins to the soil or water
  • Over harvesting- Over harvesting is related to hunting, fishing or collecting so many individuals from a species that it can no longer reproduce enough to withstand the harvest.
  • Pollution-different kind of pollutions are the main cause of habitat loss of species
  • Research purpose-Many endangered species are used for the purpose of research that is the main cause of loss of biodiversity.
  • High rate of population-High rate of human population disturb the habitat of many other species and can cause threats of biodiversity.

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