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People are encouraged to recycle materials, such as paper and plastics.

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Discuss the disadvantages of recycling materials, such as paper and plastics.


  • Recyclable materials might be in contact with radioactive materials
  • The chemical bonds (toughness)
  • Impossible to recycle at 100%
  • Not always Cost Effective
  • Unsafe and Unhygienic Recycling Sites
  • Not widespread on Large Scale
  • High Initial Cost

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What is the difference between Racemose and Cymose?


Table shows different pattern of arrangement of flower

Given table shows difference between Racemose and cymose



It is also called as Indefinite inflorescence

It is called as Definite inflorescence

The growing point seldom ends in a flower

The growing point always forms a flower

The arrangement of flower is acropetal

The actual arrangement of flower is basipetal

Shoes given image of racem ose

Shoes Given Image of Racem Ose

showinf image of racem ose

shows image of cym ose

Shows Image of Cym Ose

showing given above image of cym ose

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What is the main difference between GMO (genetically modified organisms) and hybrid?


Table shows difference between GMO and hybrid

Table shows how genetically modified organisms are differ from hybrid

genetically modified organisms


Production of GMP does not use crossing between different organisms

Hybrids form due to crossing between two different organisms

One or more genes are incorporated in GMO

Hybrid have complete genome of two different organisms

New character form

In hybrids only the existing traits are improved