IGCSE Biology Paper-4: Specimen Questions with Answers 75 - 76 of 120

Question number: 75

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Describe in Detail

Make a chart related to conservation of biodiversity and also define cryopreservation method.


Biodiversity is important at every level of ecosystem. Many protection programs are organized for the conservation of biodiversity.

Image shows conservation methods of biodiversity

Image Shows Conservation Methods of Biodiversity

Image shows conservation methods of biodiversity, which are categorized into in-situ and ex-situ

Cryopreservation- Preservation at -196 Degree C (liquid Nitrogen) can maintain tissue culture, Embryo, animal tissues and gametes indefinitely. It is used to prevent endangered organisms are being cryopreserved so that they can be revived to help the conservation.

Question number: 76

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Describe in Detail

What is difference between fibrous roots and taproots?


Image shows different types of roots

Image shows two types of root and differences between them


Fibrous roots

It consist of a single main root, which gives out lateral branches.

A number of thread like roots arising from the base of the stem

Do not come from embryonal axis

Arises from embryonal axis

The main root grows vertically downwards and is longer than it branches

They spread out nit he soil to provide firm support to the plant.

Example- carrot, mustard, gram, radish, beans

Example- grasses, wheat, rice, maize and barley